About Little Saigon Cafe

Vietnam is remarkably scenic with 3,260 kilometers of unspoiled coastlines, fertile farm lands, stunning rivers, beautiful mountains and tropical rain forests. This small country is shaped like the letter “S”, and is bordered by China, Laos, Cambodia, and the Pacific Ocean.

Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon city is the largest city and the commercial, technological, industrial, and tourist center of Vietnam. Many centuries ago, merchants from China, Japan, and many European countries would sail to Saigon for trade. It was recognized as the largest city in Indochina and often called the Pearl of the Far East.

Vietnamese food is fast emerging as one of the most popular Asian cuisines. Its unique blend of cultural influences from China, France, Thailand, Laos, and India has created food with its own distinct personality.

Little Saigon brings you authentic Vietnamese cuisine in St. Louis. We use fresh ingredients by buying locally, and even grow our own vegetables in the summer time. Our food contains no monosodium glutamate (MSG). We believe food is a daily celebration of life; therefore each dish is made with fresh ingredients and lively flavors.